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FOUN 098 35: Latino/a Experience in the U.S.: Getting Started

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We will talk about finding books on the shelf, and finding ebooks through WorldCat.  Remember, you can make "Get it" requests for books and articles that aren't available through our library (except for required course texts).

"Hispanic" and "Latino" are frequently used in literature describing native Spanish-speaking populations in the United States. "Latinx" is a more recent term, and you will find some materials under this heading. Here are examples of other Library of Congress subject headings:

  • Hispanic Americans
  • Cuban Americans
  • Dominican Americans
  • Mexican Americans
  • Puerto Ricans

These subject headings generally refer to U.S. citizens descended from particular regions or countries.

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Camas para Sueños (Carmen Lomas Garza, 1985)

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