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The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

About the Tutorials

The Academic Responsibility tutorial that incoming students complete prior to the start of their freshman year at Bucknell was created by Bwalya Mwaba '16, in his role as Executive Intern, College of Arts and Sciences, with the assistance of a host of other students in Executive Internships, as well as with the faculty members of the Board of Review.

The videos and scenarios recorded by Bwalya and the cast were incorporated into Articulate Storyline to allow for a greater level of interactivity between students and the content. This was done with the assistance of Research Services at Bertrand Library.

The tutorials on this guide are segments of the original Academic Responsibility tutorial, and they are intended to be used separately or together. You can provide students with access to the tutorials by linking to this guide, or specific pages of the guide, from within your Moodle classroom.

You may alternately choose to upload one or more tutorials into your Moodle classroom. On the Moodle Instructions tab, you'll find a zipped file for each tutorial along with instructions for uploading the tutorials into your Moodle classroom.

Please contact Jill Hallam-Miller with questions or for help with the files.