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Session 2: Welcome


Our Research Goals for This Session

  • Identify ways that you might focus your research topic into a question.
  • Gather sources for your preliminary bibliography.
  • Cite your sources in MLA style.
  • Make an appointment for an individual research consultation with Eloise (?)

Session 1: Welcome and Worksheet

Our Research Goals for this Session

  • Develop research questions that are complex, controversial, and clearly-defined.
  • Identify keywords from our research questions.
  • Consider how our assumptions and biases may be reflected in our keywords and may influence the information we find.
  • Learn more about different types of sources and how we may have different uses of them in our college-level research.
  • Develop a search strategy by combining developed keywords with source needs.
  • Use Worldcat to find different types of sources that may be relevant to your topic.

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DIY Research Guide

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Starting to work on a project or paper that requires research? Looking for advice or guidance on one step of your process? 
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