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THEA 250: Costume and Fashion: Defining and Brainstorming your topic

Your Job

Three way Venn diagram of "Design", "Past", and "Present". Arrow pointing to the center indicating that that is where you need to be.

For this project, we want to deepen our understanding of design and interpretation. How has the past or a different setting been interpreted through the lens of costume design? And how do designers work in different mediums to create works that are grounded in a particular time and place, work within a particular medium, and also invite the contemporary audience to connect with and interpret what is being expressed through the medium?


  • -What work are we interested in grounding our research in?
  • -What time period/place is this work set in?
  • -What time period/place is this work created for? (A work with multiple adaptations may provide interesting insight through design, but is not necessary) 
  • -What is the 'role' of the designer in this medium? How are costumes supposed to work with other technical elements of the medium?
  • -What would someone of the time/place of the work's audience know about the time/place of the work's setting? What expectations might there be based in historical knowledge or the style/tone of the work?

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