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Search Tips

  1. Know what you're looking for- think about the question you'll be trying to answer with information, sub-questions, and types of sources.
  2. Don't just use the same words or search in the same place. Try to mix things up, as you learn which words work best for what you're looking for and remember that not every database has the same information and tools. 
  3. You can put phrases in “quotation marks” if you want certain words to be searched together. This means fewer, more focused results!
  4. Try wildcard*s when appropriate. You can use the * to fill in for one or more letters. For example librar* searches for any of the words: library, libraries, librarians, librarians, librarianship.
  5. Each database has its own collection of tools where you can focus and refine your search- they can be great resources!
  6. Remember that typing keywords isn't the only way to search. Try bibliography searching, suggested index terms, or looking by author.
  7. A Librarian can help you learn more about, develop, and try new search strategies!