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THEA 260:Theatre and Revolution: Researching Plays: Scholarly Sources


Using & Evaluating Scholarly Sources

For this type of assignment, the way you think about and employ scholarly sources might be different than how you might have used them in the past to write a research paper. But they will still be providing important insights, ideas, and work that can provide you with deeper insight into the play you are researching. 

  • When was the article written and how far removed is it chronologically from when the play was written or at the height of its popularity
  • Is this source delving into the play or the ideas around/influencing the play? Is it thinking about the play as a production, a piece of literature, a cultural artifact, etc. ?
  • What field does the author come from/what type of academic expertise do they have and how is that going to influence how they research and write about or around the play?
  • What is the author's thesis?
  • What textual, experiential, cultural, or other forms of evidence do they use to support their thesis? 
  • What is your context or needs? Is this article useful or just interesting?