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Goals for today!

Start structuring our research with questions and background information. Learn about some of the library resources that can support your work. Consider how we critically and contextually evaluate our sources and bring them in conversation with one another. We will cover a lot of territory and we do not expect you to remember everything!

Today's Class

Meet with a librarian:

Often the best way to make deep progress on your research is to meet individually with a research specialist and work together. Here are some of the folks who can help and their contact information!

Meet with Ben

Meet with Carrie

Census Data Guide

Meet with Eloise

Meet with Nancy

To see the list of all librarians by subject, click here!

DIY Research Guide

DIY Research as text with decorative lightbulb and Gears

When you're working on your research and want a more self-directed learning experience or advice at 2 am, check out our DIY Research Guide!