The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

FOUN 098 36: Reading Images/Watching Words: Session 1: Brainstorming

What to do


  • Open up a blank google doc or grab a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Take 3-5 minutes to brainstorm movies that you know are adapted from novels or short stories.
  • Prioritize things that you know not everyone knows about (We all know the Harry Potter movies come from books) and try to think of movies that have been released in previous decades (It can be helpful to estimate the year/decade next to the title as you list). 
  • For this first step, keep your thoughts within your own brain. Don't look anything up right now!


  • Review what you wrote down. Highlight, underline or put a star next to the works you'd be most interested in learning more about. 
  • Start a new section and start listing things you think are adaptations or novels of short stories. You can list and then check each title and delete the ones you learn aren't relevant or check as you go and only list the ones you find are relevant. 
  • For each adaptation that you find, list the date next to the title. 


  • Identify more pairings that you might be interested in learning more about using the resources linked in the next box. Don't forget the year!


  • You have a list of adaptations and you're probably almost a third of the way to finishing part one of your assignment!

Resources for Step 3 of this part

Don't check these out until you have completed pts 1 and 2 of the instructions to the left!