The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

FOUN 098 36: Reading Images/Watching Words: Session 1: Introduction to Worldcat

Keep in mind

  • Today we'll primary be searching for "Known items" (things we know exist and that we know the title of). This varies from "keyword searching" which will be the main type of searching you'll do for future assignments. 
  • Use your brainstorming and the resources you've listed and learned about. To make it easier on future-you, try to make prioritize adaptation pairs where you have access to both the book and the film. 
  • Another way to make it easier for future-you? Try to make sure you are including a few adaptation pairs that include well-regarded movies or classic works of fiction, these works are more likely to have been studied by academics (which you'll be looking into in step 2 of this assignment)

Intro to Worldcat Video

Accessing Materials & Other Considerarions

Tips for accessing materials:

  • Learn how to request material that the library borrow (ILL) or purchase.
  • Remember, it is okay to use your personal collection if you have access to a book/film outside of the library.
  • Streaming services that you have a subscription to can be helpful, but films can disappear with a limited warning (it is sometimes possible to learn what date something will be 'pulled' from a streaming service through google searches)
  • Works published in 1924 and earlier are in the Public Domain. Many can be read/accessed online through resources like Project Gutenburg or The Internet Archive's Open Library