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POLS/IREL 225 & 283: Chinese Politics: Getting Started

Getting Started

Recommended Databases

General News Sources

Where to Search: Selected Journals

For your research, you may wish to consult, among others, the following leading journals: 

  • Asian Survey (JSTOR)

  • Asian Affairs (JSTOR, ProQuest)

  • Asian Perspective (JSTOR, Project Muse, ProQuest)

  • China: An International Journal (Project Muse)

  • the China Journal (JSTOR, and via publication website)

  •  the China Quarterly (ProQuest, JSTOR)

  • Current History (ProQuest)

  • Foreign Affairs (Social Sciences Full Text link via Journal Titles, JSTOR)

  • Foreign Policy (JSTOR, Social Sciences Full Text)

  • International Organization (JSTOR, ProQuest, via publication website)

  • Journal of Chinese Political Science (ProQuest, via publication website via Journals A-Z list)

  • Pacific Affairs (JSTOR)

  • Survival (via Journal titles A-Z list through Ebsco link, journal website)

  • World Politics (Project Muse, JSTOR, ProQuest)



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