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Scholarly Communication

Academic Profile / Scholarly Identity

Personal content management systems (academic profile management), and authentication of your scholarship may involve the use of tools such as:

For a useful discussion on the distinction between these types of article repositories, see this article from the University of California Office of Scholarly Communication: A social networking site is not an open access repository.

What is Knowledge Management?

Scholarly knowledge management is an approach to administering profiles, activities, and resources in a way that is optimized for discoverability and efficiency. While administrative tasks can be onerous, there is some evidence that a systematic approach extends the impact of research. The data used for academic and social media profile management, bibliographic and content management, and research impact management may be used and reused, and the data derived from these activities can inform future pursuits. In all instances, scholars may use software and networks more purposefully.

Bibliographic Management

Library & IT provides support for bibliographic management software, including selection, purchase and licensing, and technical support.  Currently we fully support the RefWorks and programs. There is some institutional use of EndNote, Mendeley, and other programs.  Library & IT can be consulted on recommended software.

RefWorks is a web-based program, run on off-campus servers.  A RefWorks account is free to all Bucknell faculty, staff, and students, and can be retained even after leaving Bucknell. 

Zotero is a web-based program, although it requires downloading a free app, and the “free” version of this software has data and storage size limits.