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Diamond OA: Free to Publish, Free to Read. Gold OA: Pay to Publish, Free to Read

What if I can't afford/don't want to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC)? 

Article Processing Charges can be quite expensive, especially for work published in high-impact journals (See this graph from the 2020 article,"Sorry, we’re open: Golden open-access and inequality in non-human biological sciences" by Russell Grey).

Many large publishers offer fee waivers, however these account for roughly 1% of publications in these journals and tend to be reserved for researchers from low- and middle- income countries. These article processing charges and the process of applying for fee waivers has become a barrier for researchers from low- and middle- income countries.

At Bucknell, you can apply for a Publication Subvention Grant to publish in a Gold Open Access journal. We are happy to work with you to discuss your options, like identifying an appropriate Diamond OA journal or publishing in a subscription-funded journal and pursuing Green OA.

I've heard about Predatory Journals, how can I avoid them? 

Predatory journals are real, and some are quite savvy, making it difficult for researchers to identify them. Open Access Journals included in the Directory of Open Access Journals have been vetted for quality and rigor and are not predatory journals. You can also check out our resource, Cabell's Predatory Reports to see if this journal has been identified as one that engages in predatory practices. 

How can I find a Diamond OA journal that fits my needs?

Searching or browsing in the Directory of Open Access Journals includes the ability to filter your search to journals that do not charge APCs. On that site, and the journal's site, you can learn more about the publication, review, and editorial processes of the journal. Keep in mind that Diamond OA journals have not benefitted from the visibility or history of many journals that are currently owned by commercial publishers, a limitation that is currently being addressed in the 2022 Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. 

You're also encouraged to reach out for questions or discussion about your particular needs and context, including alternatives to "pay to publish" OA and evaluating journals. 


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