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CLAS 218/ HIS 241: Roman History: Primary and Secondary Sources

Library Resources for Secondary and Tertiary Sources

There are two possible big strategies

  • Look for books on Roman history or the fall of Rome and within those books look for your topic (table of contents & index)
  • Use specific keywords for Rome/Roman and barbarian, Christianity, political corruption, etc.

Do not use Edward Gibbon


Recommended Databases:


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Primary Sources

The primary sources you use SHOULD be deeply intertwined with your topic and question(s). This means that sometimes it is easy to find them and they're obvious, but sometimes it is less clear and requires different search strategies that may feel unusual. 

Depending on your topic, your primary source might be:

  • An object (or images of it)
  • A building (or plans/images of it)
  • A text in translation
  • Inscriptions
  • Other archeological evidence

Some places you *may* find primary sources are listed below, but it is not a complete list!

Below are some (not all) of the books of primary sources we have in the library that may be helpful to you!