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FOUN 098 44: Developing Oneself By Way of Bucknell: Finding Sources

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

Additional Resources

Search Strategy Worksheet

Click the link below to make a copy of a worksheet that will help you develop a search strategy for your topic.

Generating keywords for searches

Trying to come up with keywords for your search?

  • Brainstorm for keywords related to the main concepts of your topic.
  • Use different combinations of keywords when searching databases.


Searching Across Databases

Searching multiple databases at once may prove helpful, especially for classes like Educational Psychology, where there is crossover between disciplines. While these instructions will help you search PsycInfo and ERIC simultaneously, you can select any or all databases displayed in the list and add them to your search.

  1. From within ERIC or PsycInfo, click Change Databases at the top of the page
  2. Check Select All OR check specific databases that you want to include in your search
  3. Click Use Selected Databases button at the top or the bottom of the page

Note that the options for limiting your search may vary depending on which databases you include in your search.

Scholarly vs. Popular

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