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Ethnographic Resources for Bucknell Faculty

Ethnography is generally understood as the representation of culture. In one of its most conventional forms, it is a written account of a scholar’s observations and experiences with/in a culture (in the past, usually one to which the writer did not belong). Newer approaches to ethnography are incorporating techniques and insights from other fields such as film and visual media studies and computer science to expand the scope of ethnographic inquiry and, subsequently, the notion of what ethnography is.

This page grew out of the Digital and Video Ethnography Summer 2017 Faculty Workshop at Bucknell University. It is intended as a resource for faculty who may be new to ethnographic work in general, or digital/video work in particular, as well as for those looking to learn more about new and emerging ethnographic tools that can be deployed in the classroom.

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Summer 2017 Digital/Video Ethnography Workshop

Find information about the workshop and the speakers here.