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Intro to Translation Studies


Image of Mary & Jocelyne in front of monoliths at Carnac, France

Bienvenu to the Bertrand Library!

This guide is meant to help you find information resources in translation studies. Today we will talk about:

  • The research process
  • Recommended databases
  • Using good sources to find more like them
  • Searching for resources in languages other than English
  • Search smart! - One-on-one consultations!

Relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings

For use in WorldCat (subject search):

  • Translating and interpreting
  • Translating services
  • Translation (function)
  • Translation studies
  • Law translating
  • Medicine translating
  • Medical care translating
  • Health facilities translating services
  • Ecology translating
  • Sign language translating
  • Bible translating

Introduction to Translation Studies Resources