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Image showing goals for this class session: Explore different topics in translation studies research in order to appreciate the variety of ways translation impacts our shared world.  Practice keywording and reflective search processes in order to strategically explore library resources and identify relevant scholarly sources.  Identify different parts of scholarly sources in order to understand their unique approaches and ideas- and recognize that for the topic you are exploring, there are many potential sub-topics that researchers study.

In this session, we will be developing some of the above skills, in ways that will help us complete our worksheet for this week and the research we will have to undertake for our final project. Some of these skills and mindsets, we're developing will not only help us in school, but in our careers, our passions, our hobbies, and our relations to other people.

This guide was created to support our class session on February 9th, but the resources within are for you to refer back to throughout the semester as you'd like. You can also always contact Eloise for support and help in research in all elements of your life. 

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Although we cannot meet face-to-face, I am still here to help you with your research. Use the sidebar tools to work with me to make your research go a bit smoother!

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When I am online the box will be blue, say "Talk to Eloise and go directly to my instant messaging. 

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Want to make your research process go a bit easier in a big way? Schedule a virtual appointment with me to work together on understanding your assignment, planning your research, finding a lot of sources, and evaluating/reading/using and citing them. 

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Asynchronous help? Email works great,

Don't hesitate to email me anytime at I'll be able to respond in less than a day, and will be able to provide individual advice or resources that might be helpful to you. 

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