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Welcome to Augmented Reality

AR experiences in Adobe Aero are always initiated through a QR code and they do require iOS16, so some very old iPhones (like mine). It is supposed to work on Android devices as well, although I have not used one.

All programs used here were Adobe Creative Cloud apps and (as I understand it) available on lab computers. I am relative new to Adobe Aero and Adobe Animate, but I am not new to other Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, so I already knew how to use layers and draw vector shapes with the pen tool.

I would be very happy to sit next to you and work with you through this creation process, which is probably much easier than watching short tutorials on YouTube. You'll just have to allow time in your workflow to do this.

Example Augmented Reality Experience

Here is an example augmented reality experience for a sample work of calligraphy. The character drawn in the animation is not the same as the original picture because this is just an example and I don't speak or write Japanese. You can put any media you would like to add to your artwork. The advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) is that your viewers can still see your work in reality while they explore the additional information and media you would like to add to the experience.

Scan the QR code below, then you will see directions on what to do next.


QR code to augmented reality experience


Japanese Calligraphy


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