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About Bertrand Library

About Bertrand Library:  The Bertrand Library features a robust collection of materials including books, journals (both electronic and print), research databases, government documents, films, a/v equipment and more. Faculty and librarians work together to build the collection, whose primary goal is to support the University curriculum.

Here are some key features of the collection:

  • Over 860,000 items including books, dvds, maps, audiobooks and recreational reading collections
  • Access to tens of thousands of journals, magazines and newspapers
  • Collection of educational films, feature films, and television programs
  • Subscriptions to over 200 databases
  • Depository for documents produced by the federal government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Equipment available for faculty, staff, students to borrow - including laptops, digital cameras and camcorders, and hard drives

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Answers @ Bertrand Library will lead you to how-to's, tutorials, walk-throughs, and FAQs for a variety of research-related questions. Answers @ Bertrand Library should not be used to search for journal articles, books, and other materials. Please consult subject-specific databases for these searches or ask a librarian. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. Access the full Answers @ Bucknell knowledgebase.

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