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FOUN 098 32: Taboos in the Arab World: Our Library Session

What we'll learn and do


What do you hope to learn about the library or library research?


How do you evaluate information?  How do you determine what's reliable?


Course guide and other guides, how to find reliable sources, and how to get help!


Search WorldCat and databases, explore the stacks, and get answers to your questions.



Find Books using WorldCat

  • Search WorldCat to find a book about feminism and the Middle East. 
  • Limit your search to materials published in the past 10 years.
  • Note the title of the book.  Is it an ebook or a physical book in the library's collection?  If it's a physical book, you would need the call number in order to find it on the shelf.

Find Articles using Databases

  • Search JSTOR for an article or book chapter about women's rights in the Middle East.
  • Practice limiting your search to narrow your results.  
  • Next, try your search in the Research Library database.

Databases for Practice