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Use this guide to refresh your memory as you design your ePortfolio in Weebly.

Your librarian is available to meet with you remotely to help you through any aspect of creating your site. Use the contact information at the right to email, chat (when the chat widget says "Talk to Jill") or schedule an appointment with her.

Creating and Editing Pages

Go to the Pages tab on your site.

You can drag pages into the order you want them to appear. You can also move pages so that they are sub-pages of another.

Click a page name to open that page and make changes. From here you can do the following:

  • Click the page name again to change the name as it appears in your menu
  • Add or hide a header image
  • Click SEO Settings to hide the page from search engines
  • Copy or delete a page

Building Your Site

Most of the elements on a page can be removed or modified.

Drag and drop elements from the panel on the left side onto your page to add elements.

Use the Spacer element to create additional space between sections and elements.

Add the Section element, and then choose a type of section to create various types of content on the page.

Your artifacts can be links to files, webpages, or other types of content. The links can be embedded in text, images, or in a button that you add to the page.

Optional: although you hold the copyright to your work and enjoy the protections it affords as soon as your work is in a fixed medium (your website), adding a copyright statement to your site can serve as a reminder that others must obtain your permission before using any portion of your work. You might consider applying a statement like the following:

© 2019 [Your Name]. All rights reserved.

If you would like to grant permission for others to use some portion of your work, you can apply a Creative Commons license to that portion of the work. The license informs others that they have permission to use your work in specific ways, while allowing you to retain copyright.


Theme: select a theme before you begin to build your site. Changing your theme may have a dramatic impact on the way your site appears.

Pages: create and design a category page (such as Structure of Educational Organizations). Once you have that page organized as desired, copy it to create your other category pages. Design your About Me page separately, since it will probably not contain the same features and sections as your category pages.

Settings: change your URL and the title of your site here. Save the changes, and then refresh the page to update. You can also unpublish a published site here.

Publish: your site must be published in order to share it with your professor and others.

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  • The light bulb icon leads to help
  • Change colors, fonts, and theme options on the Theme tab
  • When adding and moving elements on the page watch for the blue line and its direction to see where your element will appear
  • Email Jill at (or use chat on the home page of this guide) if you need help