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Engineering Standards: Finding Standards

Standards published by industry or government sources are an important and unique source of information.

Finding Standards

To find a specific standard, you will need to know (at least some of) the following:

  • Acronym and name of the publishing organization
  • Standard number
  • Title of the standard
  • Date of the standard
  • Subject of the standard

If you don't have a specific standard in mind, you can use the following databases to explore standards related to broad topics (e.g. plastic tubing). These databases can also be used to confirm information about a particular standard.

Full text availability varies by publisher and standard. You may be able to request full text standards through InterLibrary Loan.

Full Text Standards at Bucknell

Bertrand Library has access to full-text standards from a limited number of organizations.

Bucknell credentials required.

Publicly available.

Note: you may be required to register/create a free account.

Engineering Standards Databases

Use the following databases to explore standards in general and to verify specific information for ILL requests. Full text access is only available for a few standards.