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MGMT 302: The Stakeholder Organization: Finding Information

Recommended Databases

Background and Biographical Information

In-Depth Information and Analysis

News and Other Sources

Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes you might find an article or book that looks like a great source for your topic, but we don't have a full-text copy. Use the "Get It" button in WorldCat to request these items, for free, from another library. Make sure you request items well in advance of your project due date to ensure that you receive them in adequate time to complete your work.

If you haven't used the interlibrary loan (ILL) system before, this would be a good time to provide the system with information about you. You can do that here:

When you DO need to use ILL, you'll already be in the system, and the Get It button will auto-populate information about the item you need into the ILL form.