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Qualitative Research Methods (Coursera)

A free online course offered by the University of Amsterdam on Coursera. Provides an introduction to the basic ideas and procedures in qualitative research in social science, including data collection, description, analysis, and interpretation, as well as the iterative process in qualitative research. The course also discusses quality criteria, good practices, ethics, writing some methods of analysis, and mixing methods.

Length: 8 weeks (self-paced).


NVivo 2018 Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

An online course on LinkedIn Learning with transcripts, exercise files, and self-assessment quizzes. NVivo is the leading tool for qualitative research analysis, used for collecting, organizing, and analyzing non-numerical research data, such as images and text. The course starts with a review of key terminology and a tour of the NVivo interface. Learn how to create a new project and import documents such as Word and PDF files; how to code the data using nodes, the containers for NVivo data; how to create queries, word clouds, and charts; and how to export a summary of your coding structure to Word and Excel for sharing with others.

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes. (Free access with Bucknell login.)

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