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Applying Creative Commons Licenses to Your Work

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As Bucknell University works to ensure that the educational experience is accessible to all students, we hope faculty will consider adopting, adapting, creating, and remixing Creative Commons-licensed teaching and learning materials. This set of modules is intended to be an introduction and guide for faculty to using and applying Creative Commons licenses.

Jill Hallam-Miller, librarian, Director of Research Services and Information Literacy, and member of Bertrand Library's Scholarly Communications Committee, is excited to have the opportunity to answer your questions about Creative Commons licenses. You can reach Jill at or at 570-577-2055.

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Module Descriptions

Module 1: Introduction to CC

  • What is the purpose of Creative Commons licenses and how are they related to copyright?
  • What are open educational resources (OER), and how do they relate to Creative Commons licenses?
  • What is open access, and how is it related to OER and Creative Commons licensing?
  • Why should I consider Creative Commons licensing and why is it important to Bucknell?

Module 2: Licensing Considerations

  • What licenses are available and what permissions do they grant?
  • When can I apply a Creative Commons license (and when can't I apply one)?
  • What should I consider before I decide whether to apply a license?

Module 3: Choosing and Applying a License

  • What is an adaptation/derivative work/remix and what kinds of works can I use in one?
  • What is a collection and what kinds of works can I use in one?
  • What license can I use for my new work?
  • How do I cite and attribute CC-licensed works?

Module 4: Creating a CC-Licensed Work (Things to Consider)

  • What do I need to consider as I'm creating a work I intend to license?
  • What do I need to consider after applying a license?
  • Where can I find additional resources or get help?

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license"Applying Creative Commons Licenses to Your Work" by Jill Hallam-Miller is licensed CC BY 4.0.


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