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EDUC 101: Our Library Session

What we'll learn and do


How do you think meeting with a librarian might help you in your academic research process?


How do you know whether you've found an "academic publication"?


Course guide, how to find reliable sources, and how to get help!


Search WorldCat and databases to find resources for your annotated bibliography assignments.



Find Books using WorldCat

  • Search WorldCat (using the link in the box below) to find an ebook about school improvement programs in the united states (remember to enter key word concepts rather than natural language searches, like this: school improvement programs AND united states)
  • Limit your search to materials published in the past 10 years.
  • Note the title of the book.  Is it an ebook or a physical book in the library's collection?  If it's a physical book, you would need the call number in order to find it on the shelf.

Find Articles using Databases

  • Using the link in the box below, search ERIC for an article about school improvement programs in elementary education in the united states. Enter a concept in each search row (you will need to add a row for the third concept).
  • Search ERIC journals only.
  • Practice limiting your search to narrow your results.  

Databases for Practice