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HathiTrust Digital Collection: Introduction

About the HahtiTrust Collection

HathiTrust Digital Library is a digital repository and access platform created to provide long-term preservation and access for public works in the public domain and in copyright content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and partner institutions.

Bucknell University has been a HathiTrust member since 2016. Membership allows Bertrand Library users to download full text public domain materials after authentication when logged in to MyBucknell.

HathiTrust by the numbers

  • 17.5 million+ total volumes
  • 8 million+ book titles
  • 470,600+ serial titles
  • 6.1 million+ pages
  • 786 terabytes
  • 208 miles
  • 14,254 tons
  • 6.9 million+ volumes(~39% of total) in the public domain

HathiTrust Catalog Search

HathiTrust's catalog search looks for your keywords in specific fields (such as author or title). De-select Full View Only to search entire collection, including in-copyright and public domain material.

HathiTrust Full Text Search

The full-text search option searches within fields such as author and title as well as within the body of the work. Deselecting Full view only expands your search to include material that may not contain full text.


This guide is based on the community guide "HathiTrust Digital Collection at Colby" created by Colby College Libraries, which is available for reuse in the LibGuides Community.

Copyright and HathiTrust Collections

A Note on Copyright Status in HathiTrust Collections

While many of the works in the HathiTrust collections may be accessible in full-text view, still many others remain under copyright protection and are accessible only in a limited view. Because copyright laws differ from country to country, users outside the U.S. may not be able to view all content that is available to users within the U.S. Our Public Domain Works tab provides additional information about full-text works. You can also find more information about the copyright status of various kinds of works in the HathiTrust.

Searching WorldCat

You can also find HathiTrust items when you search our WorldCat library catalog!