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About Jill

Why Make an Appointment?

I hope you'll feel free to make an appointment to meet with me! There are lots of reasons you might want to do so.

We can...

  • come up with a solid strategy for researching your topic
  • refine your research topic
  • find and evaluate source material
  • identify people/experts on your topic
  • work through any troubling aspects of your research

Of course, if you have a passion for all things dog, you're looking for places to hike in Pennsylvania, or you want to talk about books, please just stop by and chat with me!

About Me

I'm the subject librarian for the Freeman College of Management, for the Education Department, and for Law and Legal Studies at Bucknell. I'm a first-generation college student, and I (proudly) earned my first degree at a community college. I have a master's degree in library science and a master's degree in educational technology. I'm interested in the ways that technology can (and cannot) be used to facilitate teaching and learning, and I'm a proponent of open education.

Odin, Granite, and Taylor

 Jill and her dogs






I enjoy dog training and participating in dog sporting events, and I'm working to become a certified dog behavior consultant. I run a small business at home (I live closer to Harrisburg than to Lewisburg) offering group dog training classes and behavior consultations.Mirabel

I know it's a bit cliched for a librarian to love reading, but I do! I live about an hour away from work so most days I listen to audiobooks during my commute. In my spare time, I read books about dog training and behavior.

Subject Librarian

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Jill Hallam-Miller
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