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Latin American Studies: Getting Started

Beginning your Research

Information about Latin America can be found in a variety of formats and disciplines.  A lot of what you find will be in Spanish or Portuguese.  This guide is designed to direct you to major sources of information in a variety of areas.

A good way to start searching for books is to use WorldCat (See Best Bets tab), or use the WorldCat search bar at the top of this page, which allows you to search Bertrand Library's holding and beyond.  

To locate academic journal articles, use the various databases listed within the "Best Bets" tab.  For news articles, consult the library's News Sources guide.

Government information from Latin America includes presidential messages, statements of public policy, and government produced statistics about country and its activities.  U.S. government information (particularly hearings and State Department documents) contain a wealth of information about U.S. relations with Latin America.  Consult the library's U.S. Government Information guide.

Data (statistics, data sets/ public opinion surveys, etc.) are important sources to use to support ideas you put forth.  Consult the library's Data Sources guides.


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