The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

THEA 256: Rituals, Festivals, and Institutions: Library Resources

Library Resources

On this page

  • Search WISE for library resources we have in-print and online.
  • Option to explore relevant databases/library resources to identify and gather sources.
  • Introduction to some search strategies that can support your searching & finding

Search tips

  1. Work with a librarian to make the process of articulating your searches, looking for information, and using your sources less stressful and more productive!
  2. Try to define what you want to find and how you want to use the information, not just what you want to learn 'about'.
  3. Play around with keywords and where you search to broaden or narrow your results.
  4. Remember that typing words into a search box isn't the only way of finding information.
    1. If you find one helpful source, mine the bibliography or the citing sources to discover more resources.
    2. If you see suggested index terms that seem highly relevant, search or click those.
    3. See what else the authors have written, or recent research in the journal/series.