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THEA 256: Rituals, Festivals, and Institutions: MLA Citations

Citation Resources

Screenshot from drag-and drop question in MLA tutotrial

Click the above image or this link to complete the interactive MLA citation tutorial (Will take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete). This will give you hands-on experience creating in-text and full citations in MLA style for most source types (articles, books, and websites).


MLA Citation Resources Online:


Questions about other styles? Eloise is happy to help!

General Guidelines


  • Cite in-text and as you go to attribute quotes from, paraphrases of, or summaries of a source. 
    • If you create an outline, include citations in it as well so you don't need to go back to try to find what information you get from what source.
  • Often, quotes are best saved for work that you are centering and/or analyzing. If you are referencing general ideas or laying out what research has been done on this topic, paraphrases and summaries are preferred. 
  • Citation generators can be helpful, but they are often incomplete (including citations from Worldcat or other academic databases). Feel free to use these tools, but always double-check with a model from a trusted source.
    • Need help figuring out the structure of a citation or how to know what pieces of information for a citation you need and where to find them? Librarians are happy to help!