The Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

ENLS 358: Shakespeare and History -- the Wars of the Roses: Print and Online Resources

Print Resources in Bertrand Library

Here are some print resources from the Bertrand Library collections that will help you with your projects:

Holinshead’s Chronicles (DA 130 .H73 1807a v. 1-6):  The Chronicles have traditionally been a source of interest to many because of their extensive links to Shakespeare's history plays, as well as King Lear, Macbeth and Cymbeline. 

Guides to using Holinshead’s Chronicles:

  • Holinshead’s Chronicles (Taufer) (DA 130 .T38 1999)

  • Reading Holinshead’s Chronicles (DA 130 .P34 1994)

These specialized books will also help you place Shakespeare’s works in context with Holinshead:

  • Holinshead’s Chronicle as Used in Shakespeare’s Plays (PR 2955 .H7 1927) 

  • Shakespeare’s Holinshed (PR 2955 .H7 B7 1966)

  • Shakespeare's Holinshed: an edition of Holinshed's Chronicles, 1587; source of Shakespeare's history plays, King Lear, Cymbeline, and Macbeth. (PR 2955 .H7 H6)

Froissart’s Chronicles (DA 229 .F9 186 v. 1-2):  a prose history of the Hundred Years' War written in the 14th century.  Also available on your Moodle site.

Electronic texts