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FOUN 098 58: Love and Sex on the Silk Road: Using & Evaluating Academic Sources

CRAAP Test Quick Guide

Currency: When was it created? How does that compare to how fast information on this topic changes or your own date-specific needs?

Relevance: Where does this connect to your topic? What is this about? Who is it written for and how does that shape the topic?

Authority: Who created this? What type of academic or experiential expertise might they have? (and how can you tell?) Who sponsored it or paid for it?

Accuracy: What information is in this source and what evidence is used (including who they are citing)? How was it created and how does the context of its creation shape what is emphasized or excluded? Might it be incorrect?

Purpose: Why was this created and published? What is the author getting out of this? How did this information get from the author to you? What might the author or other interested parties want from you after you read this (are they trying to change your behavior)?