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Scholarly Communications for New Faculty: Bucknell Digital Commons

What to Know

Bucknell Digital Commons (Header, text over image of the library)

Bucknell Digital Commons is our institutional repository, a place for collecting and disseminating faculty research and other publications and scholarly output related to our community.

Many faculty upload metadata records related to recent publications, often linking to paywalled or open places where the work was published. By sharing this information in the digital commons, they are increasing the visibility of their work and the chances that an interested reader might find it. 


Digital Commons is also an important tool for increasing the accessibility of your work and making your work Green OA/Self-archiving your work. 

By uploading a post-print of your work, in accordance with journal policies (Sherpa Romeo is a great site for searching these) or by using an author addendum to maintain come of your rights, we can create a viable and sustainable path to open access and the associated benefits for you and the community at large. 


Possible action item: share metadata for and then link/upload a recent presentation, paper, etc.

Links & Resources