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Scholarly Communications for New Faculty: Tools for Selecting Publication Outlets

What to Know

You're likely already aware of the most important journals in your field and for your specialty- you read and cite them all the time! These might be aspirational publication outlets or ones which you already have a relationship with. 

When seeking to learn more about other journals and publishers for your research, you might choose to use a tool like Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities; Cabell has two sections: The Journalytics section provides information about how to publish in academic journals, including submission guidelines, the review process, and acceptance rates. The Predatory Reports section provides insight into journals that have been flagged as engaging in potentially predatory practices and reports on what the red flags in their practices are.

Cabell's is one tool that you can use in conjunction with your own analysis, the journal website, and conversations and insight from friends and colleagues. 

Possible Action Item: Find a new potential publication outlet using Cabell's and/or the Directory of Open Access journals. What can you learn about them? What questions about this outlet remain?


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