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Theatre and Dance: Plays and Monologues

Finding Plays using WorldCat

If you are looking for a specific play, first try searching by title and author in a WorldCat advanced search.  If the play script was published as a book, it should be easy to find in this way.  Many plays published in anthologies can also be found through a title / author search. If not, try searching by keyword or searching for the title of the anthology.  

To find all plays by a particular playwright, search by author. 

Subject headings can be useful if you are searching for plays on a certain theme or in a particular category. Start with a keyword or title / author search and then browse through subjects within descriptions in the WorldCat record.

Limiting your search to books will help you filter out items such as DVDs from your search results. 

Sorting your search by Best Match (rather than by Library) will help you to discover plays that we don't have at Bertrand. 

Finding Monologue Collections using WorldCat

To find anthologies of monologues, you can search WorldCat using the keyword "monologues."  Doing a subject search for "monologues" will produce more targeted results. 

You can add additional keywords to your search to help you find books featuring work by a particular playwright, arranged around a particular theme, or intended for male or female actors.

Additional Tools for Finding Plays

WorldCat is a good tool to use to search for plays.  Here are some others: 

Publishers websites will also often let you browse their available publications limiting by criteria such as genre, types of actors required, production length, etc. 


Use the red "Get It" button in the WorldCat record to request items through Interlibrary loan.