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Theatre and Dance: Historical & Contextual Research

Useful Databases for Historical Research

Primary Sources

These are just some of the primary source collections available through Bertrand Library and online.  For others, take a look at the research guides for History.  On the "Visual Research" page of this guide, you will find collections of visual primary source materials. 

Finding Books for Historical and Contextual Research

It is sometimes important that you do research surrounding the broader historical and cultural context(s) of a dance or a dramatic work.  For example, if you are working on a play that is set in 16th Century Florence, you might need to discover what the city looked like during that time and how people like your characters might have dressed.  You might also investigate the major political, economic, and cultural events that were taking place, the social mores and religious beliefs that were prevalent, etc. 

To get started, perform a keyword search in the WorldCat Library Catalog.

You might combine terms such as "Florence," "Sixteenth Century," and "Religion," or "Florence," "Sixteenth Century," and "architecture."  There are many different terms you could use, but what is most important is that you carefully examine your results and modify your search accordingly.

Once you have found relevant results, take a look at the subject terms that are used to describe them. Use these to build further searches.