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THEA 246 - Scene Design: Researching your Architect:

Research your Architect:

* For architects with common names, like Richard Meier or Philip Johnson, you'll have to add "architect" as a keyword in the search box.

** Note that many books on architecture will be "oversized", which is common for books with a lot of pictures. This means the book is physically too tall for the normal shelves and will be in the "oversized" section with other tall books on whatever floor holds that call number.

Furniture, Architecture, and Design Images

Copyright and images

The nature of copyright law means that it is much harder to make a 'fair use' case for a photograph or other artwork that is reproduced in its entirety (fair use are specific infringing uses that are seen as justified under the law). Consider practicing looking for resources that are available under creative commons, like those listed below:

Image Resources Guide

Tips for Searching

When searching for digital images in an online database, it is important that you use effective search terms.  If you are searching for images of a chair, it is helpful to know what kind of chair you are looking for ... do a little research into the period and style you are interested in by consulting books and other reference sources.  Also, consult reference sources to learn more about architectural terms and styles. 

 If you are looking for books with images of American domestic architecture, here are some helpful Library of Congress Subject Headings to try in WorldCat:

Architecture, Domestic--New England

Furniture Design