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Bucknell Thesis Writers' Guide: Managing Citations

Citation Managers

RefWorks and Zotero are citation managers supported by the Bertrand Library. They can help you format your in-text citations, notes, and bibliography as well as store, manage, and share your research resources.

Bucknell supported software, web-based, and free to students,
faculty, and staff. RefWorks can capture citations from the
Library Catalog, subject databases, Google Scholar, and web
sites, and format them for your bibliography or reference list.
It can also store research documents, and interfaces with
Microsoft Word.

Zotero software is free to download from the web, and runs on
your computer with a connection to most web browsers. Zotero
allows you to organize and share citations and reference lists,
and store research documents.

Remember that software and online tools are fallible. The citations created using these programs are only as good as the information they contain.  Be sure to check your citations carefully.

Citation Styles

Different academic disciplines use different citation styles, but the style that you select should be based on your advisor's and department's requirements for your thesis. The most common citation styles include:

APA Citation Guide 
APA (American Psychological Association) is commonly used in
the social sciences.

MLA Citation Guide
MLA (Modern Language Association) is commonly used in the

Chicago Citation Guide
Chicago is used in history and various other disciplines.