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Bucknell Thesis Writers' Guide: Thesis Submission Process

Thesis Submission Process

Theses are posted to the Bucknell Digital Commons in order to make Bucknell scholarship available to the broader academic community.  After a successful thesis defense, the student will receive instructions on thesis submission from the Chair of the Honors Council or the Chair of Graduate Studies.

Prior to submitting your thesis to Bucknell Digital Commons, a signed signature page must be combined with your thesis into a single PDF file (more information here). 

The Submission form includes the following fields:

  • Title: Enter the title exactly as it appears in the manuscript of your thesis.  The title field supports the Unicode standard and HTML. 
  • Author: Author information is pre-populated with email and name.  Enter affiliated Institution information by clicking on the person with a pencil icon.
  • Date of Thesis: Enter Date of Submission.
  • Embargo Period: If an embargo is desired, enter embargo period.
  • Related: If your thesis includes a related online resource, copy and paste the URL into the Related field, and select “Other Rich Media” to embed a data card.  Consider creating a copy of the website using Webrecorder (add the file in the Additional Files field). 
  • Description: Copy and paste your Abstract into the rich text editor.
  • Keywords: Enter up to 6 keywords or phrases, separated by commas. 
  • Access Type: Enter Access Type (Masters/Honors Thesis or Masters/Honors_Bucknell Access). Use the option Masters/Honors_Bucknell Access to restrict views to campus access only.
  • Degree Type: Enter Degree Type
  • Major, Second Major, Minors, Emphasis, Concentration: Enter departments as desired.
  • First, Second, Third Advisors: Enter adviser names (First Last, with the initials and/or suffix preferred by your adviser).
  • Subject Categories: Select up to 3 subject categories.
  • Comments: This field may be used to include any notes specific to your paper or your identity as a scholar. 
  • Upload Full Text: Upload the full-text PDF of your thesis.  
  • Additional Files: Select the Additional Files checkbox to add any supplemental files (datasets, video files, audio files, image files, etc.). Upload supplemental content on the next screen.  If you are submitting supplemental files, please contact for information on recommended long-term preservation formats. 
  • Select the Submit button.

Please discuss copyright, embargo, and limited access options with your adviser prior to upload.

Once a thesis is uploaded, your advisor will review your metadata, check the formatting of your paper, and register a decision to Accept, Accept with minor revisions, or Reject the uploaded paper. The Digital Commons administrator will conduct a final review before your thesis is posted to the Bucknell Digital Commons.

Remember that each department and each advisor may have different expectations and guidelines. Students should discuss formatting and submission expectations with their advisor prior to upload. General questions about the submission process may be directed to

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