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Multimedia Resources: Audio

Audio Resources

Many of these sites allow you to use or create your own music or sounds.  Be sure to check the individual sites for terms of use.


Royalty Free Music in the Library


Disclaimer: This guide covers basic issues of copyright for Bucknell students who may need to use copyrighted information in their course work. It is not intended as legal advice.  More information is available on the Bucknell Copyright Information site.

Resources - AFST 290 (Spring 2017)

  • Think about the type of primary source(s) you'd like to include.
  • Review information about public domain material.
  • Learn about resources to use for searching.

Commercial Music and Films

Any commercial, copyrighted music added to your film requires several complicated licenses (a master license and a synchronization license) before it can be legally screened in public.  These licenses can be very time consuming and very expensive to obtain. Search for Creative Commons licensed and royalty free music to save time and money.

Using Music in Videos

When searching for Creative Commons licensed music for use in videos, be sure to find works that do not contain a "No Derivatives" license. Adding music to a video is considered making a derivative work. For more information, see the Creative Commons Legal Music for Videos page.

Resources by Language

Find text, image, audio and video resources by language. Type in your search term, and then limit "By language of description."

Citing Audio Works

Make sure your use of the work complies with all licensing requirements. Cite the artist, the title of the song, clip, or sound, date of recording, and other recording information if available.