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About Eloise

Why make an appointment?

Feel free to make an appointment to meet with me! There are lots of reasons you might want to do so.  Together, we can...

  • come up with search strategies
  • determine which database(s) would be best for your search
  • refine your research topic
  • find and evaluate source material
  • work through any troubling aspects of your research

Even if you're just getting started or not even sure what you're doing with, I am always happy to talk through people's research with them, so don't hesitate to stop by the library and visit!

About Eloise

I'm the librarian for Art & Art History, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Comparative and Digital Humanities, East Asian Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theatre and Dance- hopefully, we'll have a chance to collaborate and work on your research in the arts and humanities during your time at Bucknell! 

I have a Master's of Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master's of Education from Westminster College. I'm very interested in student-centered and critical pedagogy as it relates to libraries, information literacy, and lifelong learning. I also really love to work with students and fellow community members in connecting and critiquing the technological to the utopian, thinking through how information access and its lack influence what we see as possible, and trying to build outside of current systems of control and hierarchy. 

When I'm not in the library, I might be gardening, quilting, hosting potlucks or reading groups, or just really vibing with a toad I found on the sidewalk. 

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