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ENST 295: Environmental Law: Citator and Citations

Shepard's (Citator)

In Nexis Uni, you can "Shepardize*" cases to see subsequent citing cases, and whether they impact the case at hand.

For example, if you pull up Hill v. Tennessee Valley Authority, 419 F. Supp. 753, in Nexis Uni, and then click Subsequent Appellate History in the Shepard's box at the right, you can see that the decision was reversed and remanded by 549 F.2d 1064. 

Shepard's can help you determine if the case at hand has been impacted by subsequent interpretation, and whether later cases can be helpful (or harmful) to your argument or analysis.

*Shepard's is a citator that is used exclusively by Nexis Uni. Other legal information sources (like Westlaw) use different citators (Weslaw uses Key Cite).

Citing Sources

As you've seen, Nexis Uni, Google Scholar, and WorldCat all provide citation generators that allow you to create a citation in your chosen style and then copy it and paste it into a Google Doc, Word document, or email for future use.

Citation generators are an excellent start for citing sources, but they don't always get it right. 

Our citation guide provides help for checking and correcting citations in various styles.