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Books are an important source for information. The subject headings listed below are just a sample of what you might use to find books in WorldCat, the library's catalog.

When searching WorldCat by keyword, always check subject headings associated with a book's record - they can help lead you to additional resources. 

  • Agriculture History 
  • Biogeography
  • Civilization Modern History 
  • Climatic Changes 
  • Deforestation History 
  • Environmental Degradation History 
  • Environmental Policy History  
  • Environmentalism United States History  
  • Fires
  • Forests And Forestry United States History
  • Global Warming 
  • Human Ecology History
  • Human Evolution 
  • Human Geography 
  • Landscape Changes United States History
  • Nature Effect Of Human Beings On 
  • Nature Effect of Human Beings on History 
  • United States Environmental Conditions
  • United States Historical Geography 
  • Wildfires

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