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UNIV 200: Memory and Material of Slavery: Recommended Databases

Course guide for UNIV 200-03: Memory and Material of Slavery (Gosson/Scholnick)

Welcome to our research page!

Welcome to the research page for UNIV 200!  This page is a great starting place, but is by no means comprehensive.  I've placed a number of resources on here to get your group started, but you might also want to consider exploring the following:

  • Other subject guides on the library's website.  Think about the academic subjects that your topic encompasses and explore the databases on those subject pages. 
  • Take advantage of Interlibrary Loan/Get It, as it will allow you to request any books or articles that Bucknell doesn't own.
  • The Worldcat Library Catalog, from the search box above.  This will help you find books and other materials to give you background on your topic.
  • Google's Advanced Search page.  This may help you find academic podcasts, videos of lectures from other universities, and so on.
  • Search Spotify or iTunes/Apple Music for podcasts.
  • Make a research appointment with Mary or with another subject librarian.  We can help you find the sources you need to complete any research project.
  • Start your research EARLY and scaffold your approach.  This is not the kind of project that will allow last minute work.

Getting Started

Recommended Databases

Primary Sources about Slavery


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