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Information Literacy Resources and Toolkit: Resources for Faculty - Information Literacy Toolkit

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Tips for improving students' research skills

  • Encourage students to seek help from a librarian, and include librarian contact info on your syllabus.
  • Collaborate with a librarian about activities that build information literacy skills.
  • Invite a librarian to teach one or more assignment-based information literacy sessions.
  • Embed a librarian in your course, to partner with you on a scaffolded approach to information literacy instruction through 3 or more sessions.  Talk to your librarian about options based on your needs!
  • Request that a librarian create a course-specific Research by Subject guide.
  • Review criteria for evaluating sources.
  • Break research assignments into manageable parts.

General information

Information literacy refers to the skills and habits of mind used to find, evaluate, and use information in an ethical way in an increasingly complex world.


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Worksheets and resources

Generating keywords for searches

To help students come up with keywords for their research, have them follow these steps:

  • Write out a topic in a sentence or two, and then circle the key concepts.
  • Brainstorm for keywords.  One approach to brainstorming is to create a concept map, either with pen and paper, or via free online programs such as or Text 2 Mind Map.
  • Experiment with different combinations of terms when searching databases.



  • See RAILS (Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) for rubrics by category.