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Information Literacy Toolkit: Foundation Seminar Faculty Resources

Information Literacy Recommendations for Foundation Seminars

Through the assessment of information literacy in Foundation Seminars (2015), faculty identified three information literacy goals that resulted in the following recommendations.


Foundation Seminars should include assignments that have students:

  • Search for and find appropriate sources
  • Demonstrate their ability to evaluate sources for a particular purpose
  • Integrate source material into an original work

A final recommendation is to partner with a librarian to design activities and assignments that will help students build basic information literacy skills. We look forward to working with you and your students!

When we ask students in Foundation Seminar classes what they want to learn in an instruction session with a librarian, their responses are sometimes surprising and often reveal their concerns about being capable of conducting college-level research. 


Find the librarian/Research Services member who will work with your classes in Fall 2024.

Contact your librarian to schedule assignment-based information literacy instruction

See the "Resources for Faculty" tab on this guide for additional resources.

Interested in using technology to enhance student learning in your Foundation Seminar?  Contact Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship to discuss ideas!

Your librarian can also create a course-related guide.  See samples below of what we've created for past Foundation Seminars.

Information Literacy Assignment Design