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Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Primary Sources

Classical Texts

Often, our work requires us to analyze primary texts, either in their original language or in translation. These resources below are some of the best online for finding and reading primary texts from the ancient world.

Art and Architecture Resources

Being able to see the art, artifacts, and architecture from the time and places we are studying will enrich our understanding of our topic, improve our work, and will sometimes be required for our papers, presentations, or other assignments. Below are some resources where you might find what you are looking for. (Don't forget to cite your images when you use them!)


Corinthian Vase

Siren between two lions on Corinthian Vase. 6th century BC, Photographed: 1992. Perseus Digital Library,

Coin with Bust of Hadrian

Laureate bust of Hadrian on coin. 134-138 BCE, Photographed 1998. Perseus Digital Library