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Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Citation Resources

Citing Image Sources

Like all resources, digital images should be used responsibly.  Be sure to comply with copyright law, license agreements, and the Terms and Conditions of Use provided by the databases or websites that you acquire the images from, and always cite your images, just as you would any other source. 

Whether you are using them in a paper, Power Point presentation, Prezi, or video, you must provide a citation for your images.  Image citations are usually provided in captions, which can be reproduced in a list of illustrations or an appendix to your paper.  Sometimes, images are also cited in bibliographies and notes.  

The format of your citation will vary depending on the citation style that you have chosen to use, but it will most likely include the following information:

  • Artist's / Creator's name
  • Title of the work
  • Date the work was created
  • Current location of the work (museum or other repository)
  • Place that the work was created
  • Dimensions of the work
  • Material / Medium (oil on canvas, woodcut, etc)
  • Information about the source that you acquired the image from

Most citation style manuals will contain information about how to properly cite images.  For examples of image citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA format, take a look at the following resources: 

Citation Resources

Need Help with Citations?

If you need further assistance, and for information about various citation styles, take a look at Bucknell's Citation Guides

If you need information about citing sources in the Chicago style, take a look at the Chicago Manual of Style Online (16th Edition).