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Ebooks: Barnes & Noble Nook

Ebooks on Nook


  • Get Adobe Digital Editions for PC/Mac (link on the right).
  • Get an Adobe ID (link on the right).
  • Authorize Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID.

Video Demonstration

  • Show text instructions
    • An epub ebook has already been downloaded to the desktop.

      1. Double-click the ebook to open it in Adobe Digital Editions.
      2. Click Library.
      3. Plug in your Nook.
      4. Unlock it, and make sure the message appears.
      5. Nook will appear in the device list.
      6. Drag and drop the ebook onto "Nook".
      7. Eject the Nook.
      8. Your ebook is ready for use.

Ebrary ebooks

Download an entire Ebook:

  • Limit of 10 ebooks out at a time.
  • No printing.
  • Protected EPUB format 

Download selected pages:

  • Limit of 60 pages per day.
  • Can print.
  • Never expires.
  • PDF format 


  • Show text instructions
    • First, download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE):

      1. Go to Adobe Digital Editions.
      2. Click Download now.
      3. Click Windows or Macintosh.
      4. Click Save File.
      5. Locate the saved file.
      6. Double-click it to run.
      7. Accept the License agreement.
      8. Accept all defaults and finish the installation.

      Second, create an Adobe ID and authorize your computer:

      1. With ADE open, click Help, then Authorize Computer.
      2. If you already have one, enter your Adobe ID; otherwise, click Create an Adobe ID.
      3. Enter the required information, then click Create.
      4. Back in ADE, enter your Adobe ID and click Authorize.
      5. Click OK.