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Copyright: Source Types

General Information

Almost everything is copyrighted and requires permission from its author for most uses. There are, however, some exceptions.

Some media have been made available for anyone to use, waiving the need to obtain direct permission from the author. For example, a common license is an "Attribution" license, meaning that you can use the media for any purpose as long as you give credit to the creator somewhere in your work.

Creative Commons offers a variety of attribution licenses that creators can apply to their work for public use. Learn more about Creative Commons licensingSearch for works with a Creative Commons license. 


This portion of the guide includes resources (often searchable) where you can find creative commons, public domain, or other resources that you can use, remix, and adapt. More resources can be found on the DP&S Medialab Site

This section of the guide focuses on media resources. 

For questions on using and adapting these resources or finding resources that meet your needs, please contact us for an individual consultation!